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Our Customer Commitment

We believe in servicing what we sell. Our commitment to providing excellent customer care is the foundation of Integrity Financial Insurance.

  • Realizing that insurance can be complicated and confusing, we are able to help you with any of your questions or concerns by providing valuable insights and solutions with our educated, professional and courteous representatives.
  • Representing all the major insurance companies, we can provide businesses, individuals, and the self employed with quality insurance plans, while soliciting quotes for the most competitively priced.
  • Assuring the customer that whether you buy direct from the insurance company or an independent agent you will pay the same, because the rates are regulated by your state's Department of Insurance.
  • The advantage of using an independent agency like Integrity Financial Insurance Agency is; we work for you and represent you not the insurance company.
  • Keeping our clients informed with the changes in laws or requirements that effect their plan.
  • Prior to the annual renewal of your plan, we will contact you to review your current plan and have alternative plans and rates for you.
  • Becoming an extension of your human resource department, by helping to resolve billing problems, medical claims, cobra administration, adding or deleting employees, assisting in enrollment meetings and any other situations associated with your insurance.
  • If you are currently insured elsewhere and not receiving the service you desire then give us a call. We can service your current plan. How much does it cost? Nothing. The insurance company compensates the agent that services your plan. So why aren't you getting the service you need!

Our clients and customers have enough to fill their busy days so we ask them to leave the administration of their insurance to us. It's what we do best!