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Group Health Insurance & Benefits


At Integrity Financial Insurance, we specialize in analyzing the overall aspect of our client’s business insurance needs. It is no longer a simple process of just buying a group health insurance plan for your company. It is a matter of listening and understanding the specific goals of your company. Then together constructing a complete employee benefits package that meets your needs and your employees without increasing your budget.

Dental Insurance

Attracting and retaining quality employees plays a vital role for many business owners, and therefore can be achieved by offering a concise and competitive benefit package. After the group health and benefits package is in place, we don’t stop there. We Service What We Sell. Our clients rely on our staff of professionals to help administer their group health and employee benefits while providing value-added services. See Our Customer Commitment

Without the understanding of how to have an attractive and competitive employee benefits package, many business owners have sought to decrease or even considered eliminating their group health benefits due to the rising cost of health insurance. We have found the best way to get the cost under control is to educate our business owners and their employees in regards to how their plan works and what other options are available. Therefore realizing that your company does not have to have a “cookie cutter” group health insurance plan.

If you are a business owner looking to implement a Group Health & Benefits plan, give us an opportunity to show you how to increase your benefits and save you money. Need HELP, please call 813-909-HELP (4357) or click here for a free quote. Upon completion of our group census form, we will have one of our specialists provide you with a proposal and answer any of your questions.

In addition to representing all major insurance companies, we also offer a menu of products and value-added services, including:

  • Group Health Insurance
  • Group Life AD&D
  • Group Vision
  • Group Dental
  • 401K & Additional Retirement Plans
  • Short Term & Long Term Disability Insurance
  • Financial Planning
  • Section 125 – Tax Savings Plan
  • COBRA Administration and Information
  • Self- Funded and Partially Self – Funded Plans
  • FSA’s (Flexible Spending Accounts)
  • HSA’s (Health Savings Accounts)
  • HRA’s (Health Reimbursement Arrangements)