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Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance protects your most valuable asset—You, and your ability to earn an Income!

Think about it for a moment, if you became disabled by an illness or injury and you could no longer work for a few months, a couple of years or even worse, permanently. Where would your income come from? You still have monthly bills to pay, including food, utilities, mortgage, and car payments. What about the college savings for your children and retirement funding for your golden years. It’s easy to see how your savings could disappear, not to mention your retirement dreams.

Disability Facts

Most of us take our health and our ability to work for granted. It’s hard to imagine being disabled by an illness or injury. However it could happen. In Fact:

  • One in every three working Americans will become disabled for 90 days or longer before reaching age 65.
  • Half of all bankruptcies result from illness or medical bills.
  • Approximately 48% of all home foreclosures are due to disability, whereas only two percent are death related.
  • Nearly 60% of injuries happen off the job, which means they are not covered by Worker’s Compensation.
  • Savings are usually depleted quickly during a disability since there’s no income now. Most people must resort to taking money out of their retirement account if any, or selling some of their personal assets.
  • Social Security disability payments are limited to disabilities expected to last at least 12 months or end in death. To qualify, you must be unable to engage in any type of work.
  • Group disability offered through your employer is a start. However the benefits may only cover 50% of your income. Can you and your family survive on half a paycheck? Group disability is generally taxable if the employer pays the premium, and many plans don’t cover bonuses or highly compensated key employees, since group disability tends to be limited. 

How to protect your most valuable asset –You, and your Income!

By allowing us to put together a Disability Income Policy for you that:

  • Is designed to help you maintain your current standard of living by supplementing your income.
  • Can be customized to your specific situation.
  • Will help you retain dignity and independence without burdening others.
  • Keeping your financial goals and retirement dreams intact for the future.

At Integrity Financial Insurance you can be assured we only work with the most respected insurance companies that specialize in disability insurance. Whether you are a physician, dentist, lawyer, a highly compensated individual, or you’re a business owner needing help with disability income protection for you and your employees, we can help you understand the different types of disability insurance plans, while explaining what they are designed to do and why they are important to you.

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Need HELP, please call 813-909-HELP (4357) or click here. Upon completion of our individual or group form, we will have one of our specialists provide you with several disability quotes to compare and answer any of your questions.